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"Sue's positive energy is infectious and her ability to make you believe in yourself is inspiring. Her knowledge and expertise are invaluable. The practical advice she is able to give, ranging from highlighting the best aspects of your CV to bringing out the best "you" in an interview, is very comprehensive and has been a big factor in the success of my job search. I have no hesitation in recommending the service that she can provide.
Once again, thank you for your help. I do feel that it made all difference."
Ben S., Nestle

Career Coaching & Development

Career Coaching & Development

Did you know that during the course of our lifetimes, most of us will spend over 100,000 hours at work?

In a recent CIPD survey, 99.8% of HR Managers said they believed that it was the individual’s responsibility to manage his/her own career. The same CIPD survey revealed that over 70 % of those taking the survey reported high levels of dissatisfaction with their working lives.

The truth is that many of us stumble into our first job which then sets a pattern for the rest of our working lives Too many of us are passengers, when we should be in the driving seat! Ask yourself the following questions:

Are you

  • stuck in a rut?
  • in a job which no longer challenges you?
  • feeling dissatisfied, bored and lacking motivation?
  • feeling overstressed but undervalued?
  • rarely recognised for your efforts?
  • convinced you will be overlooked for promotion?

In fact, are you at a Career Crossroad?

Your Career Coach will act as your route finder by working with you first to assess your current skills and interests, motivations, strengths and weaknesses, and then by identifying and evaluating with you the different directions you could take.

Your Career Coach believes that fulfillment in the workplace affects all areas of your life as well as those you share it with, something we call the “ripple effect”.

Do you want to

  • take responsibility and control over your own career?
  • look forward to Monday mornings again?
  • feel proud of the work you do and the Company you do it for?

Career Coaching

  • is a process which, with the aid of a range of quality resources and diagnostic tools, will help you to identify and reach your ultimate career goals.
  • will help you to discover what holds you back and focus on what you want to achieve.
  • will help you build self confidence, create strategies, establish realistic goals and develop action plans.
  • will challenge and inspire you and, because leaving your comfort zone isn’t easy, will support you every step of the way.

Building a Portfolio Career

Are you leaving corporate life earlier than planned? Do you feel too young to retire? Do you want to make good use of your vast experience and knowledge?

Why not become one of the growing army of Portfolio Professionals and find a wider fulfilment and enhanced work-life balance without compromising earning potential?

Call me to discuss how you can begin to identify and channel the "Wealth in your Head", gain a broader view of your future and start to plan your exciting, new and rewarding Portfolio Life.


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