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"The programme is ideal for any senior executive who finds him/herself on the job market after a long period of employment. I was on a continuous learning curve - Sue is excellent, I would not hesitate to recommend her."
Richard K. Finance Director, Chesham Building Society

What is Outplacement?

What is Outplacement?

Your Career Coach Outplacement Service helps those individuals whose jobs have been lost either through restructuring, outsourcing, company mergers and acquisitions or downsizing and whose Employer is not providing the support of a Redundancy Programme.

Whatever the reason you find yourself out of work, Your Career Coach will provide you with the emotional and practical support you need in order for you to market yourself confidently and competitively in today’s job market

Using an Outplacement Service will give you the following advantages:-

  • You will gain a greater understanding of yourself, your strengths and values
  • You will have the opportunity to review your past career and plan for the future
  • You will understand how to market yourself effectively into your chosen field
  • You will learn how to make yourself stand out from the crowd

In the current economic climate (which shows no sign of abating) more than 2000 people per day are losing their jobs and typically taking over 3 months to find a new position. With more redundancies announced almost daily and new job seekers entering an already crowded market place, it is vital that you give yourself an effective competitive edge and thus ensure a swift return to the workplace. Investing in a programme with Your Career Coach, tailored to your specific requirements, will pay dividends in cutting down the time you remain out of work.

Each of the following sessions will give you a key advantage in the search process by strengthening essential skills and developing your knowledge of the workplace.

Myers Briggs Type Indicator

MBTI helps you choose careers and career planning at every stage of life. Widely regarded as the ‘Gold Standard’ of psychometric assessments, the MBTI will help with:

  • Self-awareness and personal development
  • Understanding colleagues
  • Effective team working
  • Understanding reasons for conflict and how to eliminate it in the future
  • Influencing and managing others
  • Coping with stress

Career Review

Using probing and challenging questions, Your Career Coach will help to identify where you are now and where you’d like to be in the future.

Bespoke CV Service

Your CV could be the most important document you will ever produce. It will either open doors or leave you out in the cold. Make sure yours doesn’t let you down by discovering how to create the most effective CV for now and the rest of your working life.

Job Search Strategy Coaching

Is it taking you far too long to find your dream job? This session will give you practical tips on how to deal effectively with headhunters and recruitment agencies, how to respond to advertisements and how to target companies.

Effective Networking

Research shows that over 65% of people find their jobs through networking. This session provides you with lifelong skills and strategies to network with confidence.

Interview Preparation and Practice

Your CV will win you an interview but it is the interview that will win you the job! This session will help you to prepare, focus, manage and control the dynamics of that all important interview.

Evaluating and Negotiating Job Offers

How will you decide which job to accept and which to decline? This session will help you to evaluate and benchmark job offers to ensure you choose the right job as well as securing the best possible remuneration package.

Settling Into The Role – the first 90 days

Now that you’ve landed the job of your dreams, this session will show you how you can avoid common pitfalls and rapidly add value in your new position.

We offer an initial free consultation by telephone to assess your current needs and recommend a suitable programme from the above sessions.


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